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By Cerise Rishty Arielle had money to buy lunch. Mary forgot her money at home. Arielle had extra money left over. Mary went up to her and asked her if she could give her some money, so she could buy lunch. Arielle said, “Sure.” The next day Arielle left her money at home. But, Mary remembered to bring hers. When Arielle asked if she could burrow money, Mary said, “No.”

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By Nathan Botton There is someone in the grade who is rich. He has a big house and lots of fun video games. There is another boy who is not rich and does not have any video games. The boy wanted to be the rich boy’s friend just so he could go to the house and play the video games. One day, the rich boy didn’t bring snack and the other boy did. The boy thought, if I give him my snack, he will invite me over to his house. And he gave his snack to the wealthy kid. He said, “Do you want my snack?” The other boy said, “Yes. Thanks. Do you want to come over?” The manipulator is smart. But, he is missing the true joy of having a friend. The manipulator doesn’t have anyone to cheer him up when he is down. A sign of a good friend is when he is happy for you, not jealous. If a boy won a contest the other boy should be happy for him, inside as well as his expressions on the outside. He would not be angry or jealous that his friend beat him in a contest and won the prize. Also, a sign of a good friend is when they get into fight they forgive and forget quickly. If they get in a fight they don’t make a big deal about it.

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By Isaac Tammam Brian is friends with Raymond. Brian isn’t really fiends with him, but he is using him. Raymond has just gotten the newest video game in town. Brian wants to play it. So he tries to compliment Raymond. Brian tries to persuade him to play the game. He persuades him by saying things like, “I’ll be your best friend.” Or “Please, just for 5 seconds.” Raymond would say ok and invite him over. They play the new game and then Brian would leave. The next day in school Brian might make fun of Raymond, because he already got to play the game. By the way, Raymond would turn out to be a kid with no friends.
I think having a true friend is the best feeling, because when you are down or sad he will pick you up and care for you. Also when you need help with understanding something, he will help you understand it. Another thing is a true friend wouldn’t talk bad about you behind your back.

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By Elliot Serouya Jack was a very smart kid and Morris wasn’t so smart. Morris was trying to be friends with Jack at lunch time. They became friends and Morris asked Jack is he could help him study for the Chumash test. Jack said yes. So they went to Jack’s house to study after school. Jack was explaining the Chumash to him for a very long time. The next day when they took the test they both did very well. During recess they were playing football. Jack asked Morris if he could play. Morris was ignoring him. Jack got very mad and was yelling at him that Morris was using him. After recess Morris felt very bad so he told Jack, that from now on whenever they play, Jack can play every time. Morris wanted to prove that he is a true friend.

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By Yvonne Mizrahi Shelly is a very quiet girl. She is very good at sports. One day, loud and popular girl Lauren was in a tennis tournament and needed a partner. Lauren decided to ask Shelly because she is good at sports. Shelly agreed and practiced with Lauren every day. She also taught her how to do a volley, and helped her with her backhand. Finally, the day of the tournament was here and Shelly and Lauren won the whole tournament. The next day at school, Lauren decided to make a club. When Shelly asked to be in it, Lauren denied. Shelly felt terrible. The problem is that Shelly had just helped Lauren with her tennis and helped her win the tournament. Lauren had not acted very generously back to Shelly. The least she could have done was let her in the club. A bad friend uses others. A good friend cares for others.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Terry Jemal If someone goes to Six Flags with their friends and a girl is scared to go on the scary ride, they shouldn’t be scared because they are ruining it for themselves. They should go on that ride. If someone believes in Hashem that he will protect you, it’s all in his hands. We shouldn’t make ourselves all nervous and work ourselves up. Once they go on the ride they will say “That was fun” and she will be happy once she conquers her fears. If we get scared about something we think of all nonsense in our head because we are making ourselves crazy. We shouldn’t do that. It won’t do anything in life. We can’t get anywhere if we have fear about every little thing. You can’t think right if you have fear about something.

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By Grace Tawil It all started when we were sitting in class getting ready to present our reports. It was Sally’s turn to read. She seemed very nervous. She slowly walked to the front of the class clenching her report in her quivering hands. As she started to read it, people started getting confused. It seemed to be that she had written a report about the wrong topic. When Michelle realized it, she quickly got up and told the teacher that Sally and she did the report together and the one being read was for another class. Imagine if everyone had an amazing girl like that standing by them.

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By Sheila Matut Whenever my friends and I make plans, one of my friends is always on her phone. Another one of my friends is never on her phone. When I talk to her I enjoy it because I know she is listening to me when I talk to her. She is also very honest. If she is late one day to class usually people would make up a story and all the girls in the class know it’s a lie. But this girl wouldn’t lie for her life. She is always honest and she tells the teacher what really happened. She is a good role model for me because one day, when she is older she will take her job seriously and will always be honest as can be. Her qualities are great because it can also help me when I am older and it could help me now to never text while my friends or parents are talking to me because I know how it feels.

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By Patricia Jemal One time, my friends and I were at an ice cream shop filled with many people. There were Jews and non-Jews. We were all sitting at a table and being as loud as can be. We were all being silly and making Hillul Hashem. One of my friends, who is not scared to stand up for herself and our group, told us all to be quiet and control how we act in front of non-Jewish people. We all listened to her and realized how to be a respectful and act good in front of non-Jews. We all listened to her and realized what we did wrong. The next time we were all together, we made a big Kiddush Hashem and we learned how to be respectful and act good in front of

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By Bridgette Marcus Everyday, I witness one of my best friend’s inner qualities of honesty and responsibility. And, I have a story to share. It was 2:24, one minute till Mincha. While everyone was rushing into the lunchroom to go pray, this friend was in the bathroom. The bell rang and it was 2:25. The praying teacher gave us a speech on how important punctuality is and how everyone should be on time for Mincha because it counted as a regular class and regular lateness. While all the girls were beginning to stand up to pray the Amidah my friend walked in. She was late. The praying teacher signaled to this girl to take her Siddur and sit by the table as opposed to chairs. This also meant that, at the end of the prayers, this girl would have to explain why she was late. After Mincha, the praying teacher went to her office forgetting to speak to my friend. I asked my friend if she wants to come to the school store with me. She said, “Yes.” But, first she has to go to the praying teacher’s office to explain why she was late. Her honesty is such a wonderful influence to everyone!

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By Jimmie Shrem  Yosef is a very smart boy. One day, two very popular kids came up to him. Yosef didn’t know why, but they started being nice to him. A few days later the two boys asked him if he can help them study with them for final. Yosef was very happy that the boys included him and said yes. After the final was over, they all went to summer camp. During camp, Yosef tried to hangout with them, but the two kids completely ignored him. Those two popular kids are not good friends, because they took advantage of Yosef.

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By Karen Mizrahi My father was looking for an assistant. He asked me if I knew anyone. I knew that whoever took the job didn’t have to have nice hair; she didn’t have to have the best shoes or be the most popular girl. She just had to be honest and organized. Suddenly, Leah came to mind. I remembered the time we had been playing hangman and she saw what the word was. So, she told me instead of pretending she didn’t know. She has the neatest locker so she is definitely organized. So, she is definitely fit for a job.

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By Cerise Rishty
There was a girl, named Julie, who loved to dance. She went to a dance class every day. One day her teacher said we are going to have a dance recital next week. Julie was jumping with joy. She invited her whole family and all her friends. Every second she had she practiced. It was finally the day of the recital and she was so excited. She walked on stage. The music started and she forgot the dance. All of her friends and family saw her frozen on stage, she ran off and cried. When it came to the next recital, she was hesitant to do it. She worked even harder. She never gave up. It turned out great.

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By Jimmie Shrem  One day, Avi enrolled himself into a tennis tournament. He practiced for days only stopping for food and sleep. The day of the tournament, Avi felt confident that he could win. As the tournament started, Avi started to feel very nervous. He saw that all the other opponents were much bigger than him. He lost his first match, and his second, and his third. Soon he was out of the tournament. The next day his friend Joey asked him if he wanted to play tennis. Avi responded with, “Why bother? I’m no good!” Joey answered, “Don’t give up! If you want I can practice with you.” They practiced; Avi enrolled into another tournament and came in second place.

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By Yvonne Mizrahi   One day Jessica was walking down the street, when she saw a flyer hanging on a pole. Jessica went closer to see what it was for. It was for an art contest. Jessica got excited because she was great at art. She took the flyer home and showed it to her mom. Her mom said, “That sounds fun. We have lots of art supplies in the garage.” So, Jessica worked very hard day and night. Finally, the day of the contest was here. The judges came to look at all the projects while the contestants waited aside to present their projects. When it was Jessica’s turn, she did a nice presentation, but she heard people mumbling bad comments. She was discourages. She decided to go home and practice her techniques and take more art lessons.

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By Jack Greenberg  Jason tried out for basketball team in August. He found out he had not made the team. He was so upset, but he just kept on trying. He never gave up. In September, there was another tryout. He still kept on trying even though he didn’t know if he made it or not. The next month, when the school posted the team list, he was so upset. He didn’t make the team this time either. He still keeps on trying today, so he can make it to next year.