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By Elliot Serouya Jack was a very smart kid and Morris wasn’t so smart. Morris was trying to be friends with Jack at lunch time. They became friends and Morris asked Jack is he could help him study for the Chumash test. Jack said yes. So they went to Jack’s house to study after school. Jack was explaining the Chumash to him for a very long time. The next day when they took the test they both did very well. During recess they were playing football. Jack asked Morris if he could play. Morris was ignoring him. Jack got very mad and was yelling at him that Morris was using him. After recess Morris felt very bad so he told Jack, that from now on whenever they play, Jack can play every time. Morris wanted to prove that he is a true friend.

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  1. David Assoulin says:

    Every friend makes mistakes, but the sign of a TRUE friend is if he asks for an apology.

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