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By Terry Jemal If someone goes to Six Flags with their friends and a girl is scared to go on the scary ride, they shouldn’t be scared because they are ruining it for themselves. They should go on that ride. If someone believes in Hashem that he will protect you, it’s all in his hands. We shouldn’t make ourselves all nervous and work ourselves up. Once they go on the ride they will say “That was fun” and she will be happy once she conquers her fears. If we get scared about something we think of all nonsense in our head because we are making ourselves crazy. We shouldn’t do that. It won’t do anything in life. We can’t get anywhere if we have fear about every little thing. You can’t think right if you have fear about something.

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  1. David Assoulin says:

    I learned that as long as you have faith in Hashem, you will always end up having a good time

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