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Jewish Values on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Nathan Botton There is someone in the grade who is rich. He has a big house and lots of fun video games. There is another boy who is not rich and does not have any video games. The boy wanted to be the rich boy’s friend just so he could go to the house and play the video games. One day, the rich boy didn’t bring snack and the other boy did. The boy thought, if I give him my snack, he will invite me over to his house. And he gave his snack to the wealthy kid. He said, “Do you want my snack?” The other boy said, “Yes. Thanks. Do you want to come over?” The manipulator is smart. But, he is missing the true joy of having a friend. The manipulator doesn’t have anyone to cheer him up when he is down. A sign of a good friend is when he is happy for you, not jealous. If a boy won a contest the other boy should be happy for him, inside as well as his expressions on the outside. He would not be angry or jealous that his friend beat him in a contest and won the prize. Also, a sign of a good friend is when they get into fight they forgive and forget quickly. If they get in a fight they don’t make a big deal about it.


  1. Danielle Dweck says:

    I learned to always share because in the story the poor kid shared his snack to the rich kid just to go to his house but at the end he wanted to make a new friend

  2. Dina Serieh says:

    Be nice to them if they be nice to you

  3. Hersel Chomali says:

    I learned you shouldn’t have friends who buy you

  4. the lesson is that a good friend will never give jealousy on them a real friend will do good for them

  5. julie kabariti says:

    a good friend will always make you happy

  6. Julie botton says:

    Very thoughtful Nathan, thanks for the important message!

  7. Sammy Botton says:

    Nathan beautiful Job!!!

  8. sarah abramov says:

    never give up on your dreams
    you will always have one

  9. joseph antebi says:

    i learned to not use a friend

  10. nathan matut says:

    I learned that you should never bribe or manipulate someone

  11. I learnt that a good friend is one who you care about and one who cares about you

  12. estelle botton says:

    i learnt that a good friend is someone who cares about you, not because theyre rich

  13. estelle botton says:

    i learned that it is important to have real friends not just friends who are rich and popular

  14. estelle botton says:

    i learned that you should try to only have real friends not friends that are rich and popular

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