Torah Values on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Isaac Tammam Brian is friends with Raymond. Brian isn’t really fiends with him, but he is using him. Raymond has just gotten the newest video game in town. Brian wants to play it. So he tries to compliment Raymond. Brian tries to persuade him to play the game. He persuades him by saying things like, “I’ll be your best friend.” Or “Please, just for 5 seconds.” Raymond would say ok and invite him over. They play the new game and then Brian would leave. The next day in school Brian might make fun of Raymond, because he already got to play the game. By the way, Raymond would turn out to be a kid with no friends.
I think having a true friend is the best feeling, because when you are down or sad he will pick you up and care for you. Also when you need help with understanding something, he will help you understand it. Another thing is a true friend wouldn’t talk bad about you behind your back.


  1. Danielle Dweck says:

    I learned never to use someone because in the story Brian was using Raymond and then he teased him Brian was a really bad friend

  2. Desean (Abe Mavorah) says:

    I think the lesson of this story is that it is really important. If you have a true friend you will always be trustworthy to him

  3. Daniel Gindi says:

    I really like this story. I like

  4. David Wolkoff says:

    You have to be trust worthy to have friends

  5. Joseph Leventer says:

    i think the lesson is that you need to be able to trust someone for them to be your friend

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