Jewish Ethics on Being Considerate – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sheila Matut Whenever my friends and I make plans, one of my friends is always on her phone. Another one of my friends is never on her phone. When I talk to her I enjoy it because I know she is listening to me when I talk to her. She is also very honest. If she is late one day to class usually people would make up a story and all the girls in the class know it’s a lie. But this girl wouldn’t lie for her life. She is always honest and she tells the teacher what really happened. She is a good role model for me because one day, when she is older she will take her job seriously and will always be honest as can be. Her qualities are great because it can also help me when I am older and it could help me now to never text while my friends or parents are talking to me because I know how it feels.