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By Emily Pinhas Many people have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media. When someone posts a picture and gets many likes on it, then other, less popular, people try to do something like the popular people. When they copy the popular girls and don’t get the same amount of likes or comments, they start to think they are not as good as the rest of the world. It changes the real person to be a person who they want to be not to be who they really are. They act like someone they are not just to get ahead in competition and be popular. It also causes people to be jealous of their friends. They feel that they have to do better than all the other girls. It creates a fake person who just wants to be like all the other girls and not feel left out.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

Jewish Values on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Jack Mosseri One day, Yitzchak had a huge party. Yosef didn’t get invited. Yosef asked Yitzchak, “Can I come to your birthday party?” Yitzchak said, “Yes.” The day of Yitzchak’s birthday everyone said, “Yosef, why are you here? You weren’t invited.” “No,” said Yosef. “Yitzchak invited me.” All of Yitzchak’s friends asked Yitzchak, “Why did you invite Yosef?” “What are you guys saying? I didn’t invite him,” Yitzchak answered. “Yosef is so bad at basketball and he never ever will be my friend.” Yosef heard this and said, “What are you saying? You invited me yesterday because I helped you with your homework.” If someone takes advantage of you, he thinks he is the winner. But, he is really the looser.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

Stories to Build Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Vico Mizrahi I like a friend who accepts me for who I am. I don’t want a friend who wants me to be someone I am not. A real friend is someone who likes you for who you are. When someone takes advantage of people, in the end of the day he feels bad. He doesn’t have any friends. He doesn’t experience a good friendship. Every person needs a friend who can respect them.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

Stories Building on Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Joyce Chehebar One day our teachers told us to make a play and she told me to be in charge. So the next day I told my friend to make the setting/scene. The day of the play finally came. Everybody loved it. If it wasn’t for my friend our play would be a disaster. So I went up on stage and told all the audience that she drew and painted the setting. They all started clapping and I told her to come out and I was so happy for her.


By Renee Hadef  Do you have true friends or fake friends? Your followers aren’t your friends. Some are but some aren’t. You shouldn’t be jealous of someone who has more followers than you. Don’t change your identity because you want to be “cool”. Do what you feel comfortable. A friend is someone who will be there all the time. They will lend you a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

How to Overcome Fear – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Joey Benzaken        When I was younger, my hair always used to be a mess. Whenever I went to school my friends would laugh at my haircut because it was so bad. Every morning I would use brushes, water and get just to make sure my hair wouldn’t fly in the air. I tried so hard to change my haircut but nothing ever worked. One day I told my mom that this was very serious because I was so embarrassed. So, my mom told me to get the haircut and change my look. So I did. I spent one hour changing my haircut. When I came out, my hair looked great. I came to school and for once I felt confident.

Finding success after failure in basketball – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Aura Pinhas   There is a boy named Abie. He wanted to be on the school’s football team. He was practicing with his friends and with a crowd watching. He missed a final goal by far. His friends told him, “You’ll never make the team. You can’t even do something as simple as kick a field goal.” After that, Abie walked home thinking to himself, “I can never make it. But, as much effort as it takes, I will never stop trying, no matter how many times I fail. I am not giving up.” The next day, he was even worse. He was playing with an even bigger crowd watching him. But, in the mid run, he dropped the ball right near the end zone. Day after day, Abie made more and more mistakes. He got more nervous for the day of tryouts. But, in his head, he heard a little voice telling him he could do it. He wanted so badly to get on. Finally, the day of tryouts came. He was so scared and nervous yet he went. He had to run from end field to the beginning and then throw a field goal. Abie was not afraid to run. He was a fast runner. But, he never made a field goal. He heard the crowd booing. So, he threw. He nearly made it. The ball tipped the goal and flew through. He got it in. He was so excited to see that he was in. Even though his friends didn’t believe in him, he did. He knew he could do it.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

From the Torah on Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Lauren Savdie One day sunny day in camp in the summer of 2010 there was a group names 5G. This group loved to play dodge ball. They decided to play dodge ball. There were two captains. One was Patricia and the other captain was Sandy. Patricia grabbed the ball first and tried to throw it but was having a little trouble. She threw it but missed everyone on the other team. Then Sandy got the ball, but felt bad that other girls never got to throw. So, she gave the ball to a different girl and she got 2 people out. Sandy said, “Great Job,” and cheered her on. Then Patricia got the ball again but kept it to herself and she missed again. Sandy still cheered her on and said, “It doesn’t matter. You’ll get them next time.” Another girl said, “At least we are working as a team.” So Patricia realized that she should work as a team just like Sandy. So, she did and cheered her friends on just like Sandy. She said, “You learn new things everyday.”

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

Torah Values on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sammy Kishk Tom and Bob are good friend. Tom is rich. Bob doesn’t have good games. He is jealous of Tom. Secretly, he told everybody not to be friends with Tom. One day, Tom was wondering why no one was his friend anymore. Bob was happy because on Sundays he could go over to Tom and use all his toys since Tom’s real friends don’t go to him anymore. Tom’s real friends figured out what Bob was doing and they told Tom. Tom realized that Bob was a fake friend. Bob felt terrible for what he did and decided to apologize to all the people he tricked.

Jewish Ethics on Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Bella Douek Leah wanted the role in the play. She felt bad because Raquel was really better than her in singing, acting, and dancing, she saw that Raquel really wanted to be the lead role but Leah could easily get the part because she is friends with the director. So she decided that it’s the right thing not to take the lead role. The writer of the play worked very hard to create it. Raquel thought it wasn’t fair that nobody knew who she was. So at the beginning of the play Raquel gave a special thanks to the writer.

Jewish Values on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Jennifer Benzaken  One day, my friend Genelle invited me over to her house. When I went there, she said so many nice things about me. She asked me for money so we can buy something. I gave her a $10 bill. I had $5 left, but I didn’t care because she was my friend. When we got to the store, she asked for another $5. I said that’s all I have left and I wanted to get something for myself. She got upset and said, “I hate you,” and left. I had to call my mom to pick me up. That was mean of her to do that. When I went to school the next day, everyone came up to me and said, “Why didn’t you give Genelle any money? You had $15 and you didn’t want to share? You are mean!” I got upset and ran to Genelle. But, all of a sudden I slipped on water and everyone was laughing, except for Genelle. She had a camera in her hand and was taking a video. I ran away. She called me cry baby. I went to the office to wait till my mom came. If your friend does something mean, she is not a real friend.