Torah Perspective on Facebook

By Eddie Sorcher When a child has social media it changes their lives so extremely. They start wanting more, the start talking differently. Some even start to get different grades in school. It doesn’t let you focus on the real world.


  1. Judy Sitt says:

    I learned that social media isn’t good

  2. raphael ammar says:

    this is really interesting one of the best

  3. Marco habbouba says:

    great work

  4. great work

  5. great work I am truly proud of you

  6. great job eddie I love you im very very proud of you

  7. Great essay man your good intresting essay

  8. wow this aint like anyones else

  9. intresting

  10. great story i felt it in my hart

  11. Anonymous says:

    Great job Shoshana

  12. Social media can affect your life

  13. eddie catton says:

    great job

  14. wow eddie this is amazing so touching i cant believe you wrote this

  15. wow eddie this is amazing so touching i cant believe you wrote this

  16. great work i really felt in my hart

  17. great story enjoed the story

  18. Jackie Burnstein says:

    great work (its mikey)

  19. very touching to the hart

  20. i really understood the message

  21. gabriel bildirici says:

    I see how people change

  22. WOW. AMAZING. I am touched beyond words I almost cried while reading this and I think you are genius

  23. Sweet YO!!!!!

  24. great work very intresting

  25. WOW!

  26. sion dweck says:

    very interesting

  27. sion dweck says:

    great work

  28. good job

  29. Great work

  30. Great work

  31. Ami Sasson says:

    Great job! So proud!

  32. David Assoulin says:

    Even though social media may seem fun, it is not good for you. It can ruin your life/

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