Finding success after failure in basketball – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Aura Pinhas   There is a boy named Abie. He wanted to be on the school’s football team. He was practicing with his friends and with a crowd watching. He missed a final goal by far. His friends told him, “You’ll never make the team. You can’t even do something as simple as kick a field goal.” After that, Abie walked home thinking to himself, “I can never make it. But, as much effort as it takes, I will never stop trying, no matter how many times I fail. I am not giving up.” The next day, he was even worse. He was playing with an even bigger crowd watching him. But, in the mid run, he dropped the ball right near the end zone. Day after day, Abie made more and more mistakes. He got more nervous for the day of tryouts. But, in his head, he heard a little voice telling him he could do it. He wanted so badly to get on. Finally, the day of tryouts came. He was so scared and nervous yet he went. He had to run from end field to the beginning and then throw a field goal. Abie was not afraid to run. He was a fast runner. But, he never made a field goal. He heard the crowd booing. So, he threw. He nearly made it. The ball tipped the goal and flew through. He got it in. He was so excited to see that he was in. Even though his friends didn’t believe in him, he did. He knew he could do it.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine