How to Have Courage

By Marlenn Sabbagh Sarah is a young girl who is afraid for any amusement park or roller coaster. She was 6, now she is 8, when her fear started. One day, Sarah’s best friends, Ana and Jane, came over to her house. Right away Ana said, “Hi, do you guys want to come with my mom and I to Six Flags?” “Sure,” relied Jane. Sarah knew that they would only go with her and knew that they loved rides but unfortunately for Sarah they girls didn’t know about her hidden secret and she wasn’t planning on telling them now. “Okay, let’s go.” Sarah said in a nervous way.

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By Marcelle Sasson When something goes wrong for me, there are a lot of things that could cheer me up. But the best way to make me happy is to be with my friend. I remember, once I got in trouble with my friend because we were using our phones in school and we got it taken away. So, I got very mad and started crying and being mean to people. But, then I realized, “Why am I doing this?” So, I stopped crying and started saying apologies to my friends. So, they forgave me and started making me feel better. I realized that I shouldn’t worry because I am going to get my phone back. I am so happy I have friends and good family.

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By Steven Gammal Picture this, one day, you and your friend are playing basketball. Your friend asks you, “Are you excited for the trip tomorrow?” You say, “Yeah, I have been looking forward to this trip for months.” Then your friends ask you,
“Are we sitting together in the bus?” And you say, “Definitely.” The next day, you go on the bus and you get a seat. A popular kid comes to you. He asks if he can sit with you. You say, “Of course.” You forgot about your friend who you promised the seat next to you. A few minutes later your friend comes and asks, “I thought you said yesterday we were sitting together on the bus?” You say, “Sorry. He was here first.” Your friend walks away and sits the whole ride alone. You have just lost your good friend.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


By Jake Bivas My friend asked me for review sheets a day before an important test. But, I also needed it. He kept on complimenting me and saying that I am so nice. The next day, at recess, I asked him if I could play basketball with him. He didn’t let me. He didn’t pay back. And, I didn’t get my review sheets back from him. When I asked him to give back my sheets, he said he lost it. It’s priceless to have a really good friend because your friend will be there for you in time of need. Your friend will be nice to you. Even if you and your friend fight, it gets over with faster and you forget and forgive each other.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Oriel Abadie     When I was younger I was a shy kid. I would only talk to my friends that I knew from when I was little. I was always scared to talk to new kids because I thought they wouldn’t’ like me. Every time I would see new kids I wouldn’t go talk to them I would feel bad because I wanted do meet new kids. One day I finally got the courage to go talk to them. After I talked to them, they really like me. We became really good friends until today. From this I was able to learn that you don’t lose anything from trying. If I went up to them and they didn’t like me then it wouldn’t matter, because I wasn’t friends before so, I didn’t lose anything. Now, that I did go over to them I gained a friendship. I guess my message is that you should always try and not be afraid to do something.

What you lose because of fear

By David Assoulin  There are a lot of things that you can lose from fear. Let’s say you have an idea but you’re too afraid to say it. One example, if a teacher is teaching a math class on how to multiply, but the class doesn’t understand it. If you have an idea on how to do it, but you’re too scared that everyone in your class will call you a ‘nerd’, you may cause the whole class to suffer through a test which no one but you knows the answers to. Let’s say, you’re in business and sales are dropping but you have an idea how to bring back the business. If you’re too afraid that the business owner will disapprove it, you may leave yourself with no job.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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By Brooks Tawil I think that flexibility is a very important quality. If, lets say when you are older, you are planning your Bar Mitzvah there are a change of plans. If you are flexible, you will be able to downsize into a smaller bar mitzvah. Although, if you aren’t, you will be panicking because you aren’t flexible and it will be a big mess.

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By Daniel Beyda One time, my friend and I were really excited because he got the new iPod touch. We started playing on it and eventually we got tired. So we took a break to get water. When we came back, we started playing again and then, by mistake, I spilled my water on the iPod. We tried turning it on because it shut off and we figured it was broken. I immediately apologized and he forgave me and didn’t get mad at all. The next day he tried turning it on again and, to our surprise, it turned back on. I think that’s a great quality. And, he even got rewarded by having his iPod work again.