By Jake Bivas My friend asked me for review sheets a day before an important test. But, I also needed it. He kept on complimenting me and saying that I am so nice. The next day, at recess, I asked him if I could play basketball with him. He didn’t let me. He didn’t pay back. And, I didn’t get my review sheets back from him. When I asked him to give back my sheets, he said he lost it. It’s priceless to have a really good friend because your friend will be there for you in time of need. Your friend will be nice to you. Even if you and your friend fight, it gets over with faster and you forget and forgive each other.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. joseph antebi says:

    i learned to not always trust someone if the have a bad reputation

  2. LeBron James says:

    That’s really good, inspired me a lot!

  3. torahcontest says:


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