How to Overcome Fear – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Oriel Abadie     When I was younger I was a shy kid. I would only talk to my friends that I knew from when I was little. I was always scared to talk to new kids because I thought they wouldn’t’ like me. Every time I would see new kids I wouldn’t go talk to them I would feel bad because I wanted do meet new kids. One day I finally got the courage to go talk to them. After I talked to them, they really like me. We became really good friends until today. From this I was able to learn that you don’t lose anything from trying. If I went up to them and they didn’t like me then it wouldn’t matter, because I wasn’t friends before so, I didn’t lose anything. Now, that I did go over to them I gained a friendship. I guess my message is that you should always try and not be afraid to do something.