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By Gabrielle Harari There was a girl named Sara who was the head of the play. Sara needed to find three more people to be in her play. Sara didn’t want to pick the popular girl as the lead role just because she is pretty. Sara needed to see how she acts and sings. It turned out that the popular girl wasn’t a good singer or actress. When Sara told the popular girl that she didn’t get the lead, she was so angry that she said, “If it’s not me, then who is it? “Miss shy” or “miss ugly”? Sara gave the shy girl a chance and she was a fabulous singer. She just needed to believe in herself. Then, Sara gave the “miss ugly” a chance and she was an amazing actress. When she gave ‘miss popular’ a chance, she wasn’t good at all at either singing or acting. So, that shows that Sara didn’t judge by the looks. She dug deep and found the inner soul of those 2 girls.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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  1. avivit elart says:

    to always dig deep and find some one who is good at singing or acting and if there popular or ugly you have to give them a chance

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