By Joyce Cohen There was a group of kids who had to make 600 cookies for the event. The leader’s name was Frieda. Frieda was a bad leader. They only made 300 cookies and they needed to bake 300 more cookies in one hour. They decided to switch leaders. The new leader was Joy. Joy gave everyone a job that they were good at. Frieda wasn’t paying attention. So, she messed up. When she finally starting paying attention, she realized that the cookies were burned. The event organizer came and saw only 500 cookies. He said it was a good job. Frieda tried to take the credit. But, Joy’s friends stuck up for her and said that Joy was the leader and helped to make all of the 500 cookies by working as a team. The event organizer offered Joy to be in charge of the next event as well.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Sharon Cohen saban says:

    Ive learned that You should always work as a team

  2. Gina zaibak says:

    I feel like taking criedet is horrible

  3. Rachel Zayat says:

    Don’t ever take credited if you really not Soppouse to take the credited because the other girl is the one who should really get that credited

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