Torah Values on Overcoming Failure – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Michael Gammal    One day I walked up to my dad and asked him if I can read from the torah. He replied to me, “Yes.” The next day I got my part to read. I practiced it. On Saturday it was my turn to read. I went up to the torah and read it very badly. I felt so embarrassed that I ran out of the room and started crying. The next week I wanted to read from the torah again. I practiced and when it was my turn to read I was perfect. I felt so happy. Now I want to do it every week.


  1. moses smeke says:

    you should not be imbarresed then you will always do it right

  2. moses smeke says:

    i learned that don’t give up keep trying you will get it right

  3. Raphael ammar says:

    I like what you wrote and good for you

  4. Marco habbouba says:

    wow i really learned something

  5. Anonymous says:

    I learned that if you keep on trying you will get it right.

  6. alice gammal says:

    i really like what you wrote. i like how you actually asked your dad to read and he didnt ask you

  7. alice gammal says:

    i really like what you wrote

  8. wow that was such a profound story! the fact that you didnt give up was amazing!! this taught me to never give up because in the end itll all be worth it and itll pay up! thanks so much! amazing story!!

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