Torah Values on Overcoming Challenges – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Temmy Grossman  Noone had better mark than Esti. She was an amazing student, studying hard and doing well. One day, a bad mark was on her test and she took it for the worst. She felt like her life was destroyed. Her face turned into a dark mask, refusing to talk to anyone anymore. In her eyes, her life was shattered in little bits. When the next test was approaching, she didn’t want to even study, for she was so embarrassed for that one bad mark. During recess, on the day before the test, an amazing scene caught her eye. She saw one of the girls whose test marks were not so great studying as hard as she can. The girl was having a really hard time with school. She studied, studied and studied more, but she never achieved a mark over an 85%. But this did not push her down. She would always pick herself up and study harder. Esti saw her and realized how hard this girl was working even if she didn’t do well on her tests. This was a big influence on Esti. It put some determination and confidence in her. She decided not to be let down because of one mark, but to pick herself up and study harder again.

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  1. Margo Kamin says:

    wow very interesting. learned a lot from this

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