Torah Values on Friendship – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Sam Dweck What is a sign of a good friend? They share with you, they are there when you need them, and they accept you for who you are. A sign of a bad friend is when they are mean to other people but nice to you. They don’t share with you. They use you by asking you to do things for them and then they stab you in the back.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Ayal Horovits says:

    It is a lesson that is worth learning and not easily distinguished at times.

  2. Joni missry says:

    Wonderful insight Sam!

  3. Joni missry says:

    Sam, you said it all in the first sentence! Great insight.

  4. Eli Dweck says:

    So proud of you Sam. Love you. Dad

  5. Micki horovits says:

    So true Sam!!! Great job!!!

  6. Nicole dweck says:

    Beautifully said Sam. Very proud of you.

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