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By Ruthie Mineh The new school year started and Sarah was new at the yeshiva. She didn’t know anybody in school. She was really shy and thought, “Who will ever be friends with me.” She went to Hebrew class and knew every question that the Hebrew teachers asked. In her school there was a popular girl named Miriam. When she saw Sarah was so smart, she said to her other popular friends, “Hey, why don’t we tell Sarah to be friends with us and everyday we’ll just copy over her homework?” After class, Miriam and her friends came to Sarah and they were all nice to her. Miriam told her to join their group of friends. Sarah joined in and everything was normal for the rest of the day. But, the next day, Miriam and her friends were bossing Sarah around and forcing her to give them her homework. Sarah did, but she didn’t want to. Miriam and her friends kept bossing Sarah around. Sarah heard them talking about her and that they were using her. The next day Sarah completely ignored them. She saw a different girl who she thought was loyal. Her name was Marilyn. Marilyn introduced Sarah to all her friends. Sarah learned to really think before choosing friends.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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  1. When a new girl comes to a new school give her a chance not bribe her because she is smart GIVE GIRLS CHANCES

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