1. Bette jane says:

    That is a good lesson and they wouldn’t say l”h and tell your secret

  2. nancy toussie says:

    you should be a good freind

  3. nancy toussie says:

    you should be a good freind and dont tell on others

  4. Brenda Sardar says:

    A true friend can stand up for you

  5. nancy toussie says:

    i learned that if you dont say lashon hara nobody would tell on you and you wont be embaressed

  6. Arlene Natkin says:

    If you are a true friend you will not embarrass you real friend

  7. Judy Sitt says:

    I learned what true friends are

  8. Leo Rahmey says:

    i learned that if you say lashon hara you aren’t a real friend

  9. maor schultz says:

    i learned how to find out who is a good friend and who to trust

  10. So smart abie!! I agree!!!

  11. Nicole Shamah says:

    A real friend never embarrasses you!

  12. Anita shower says:

    Great lesson I leaned so mich

  13. A true friend will always stick up for you.

  14. You are the best brother. I know I can always trust you.

  15. You are a true example of a good friend

  16. Its an amazing life lesson, all in one sentence.

  17. Molly Eida says:

    Very well said and true !!
    Lashing hara is such a hard thing to really not do

  18. True friends always look out for eAchother

  19. Right!

  20. Maggi Eida says:

    Being a good friend to one person will lead them to be a good friend to others.

  21. Shirley Zeitoune says:

    A true friend is hard to find.

  22. Esther Shamah says:

    a true friend will be sad or hurt if their friend is sad or hurt because he or she was embarrassed.

  23. Maggi Eida says:

    A true friend would never want to see their friend hurt with embarrassment.

  24. True friends don’t feel the need to speak LH in order to bring themselves up.

  25. So true!

  26. David Assoulin says:

    Only true friends don’t say LH about you.

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