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By Esther Chabbott There was a girl named Sophia. She had 2 friends, Samantha and Victoria. Sophia’s dad got her real gold “best friends forever” necklaces. She walked into school wearing one of them. Renee and Molly came up to her and were trying on her other 2 necklaces that she had. So, they hung out with Sophia the whole day. By the end of the day, Sophia thought they really wanted to be her friend. One day, something sad happened to Sophia and she needed to talk to someone. She called Renee and Molly. They both said that they had to do homework. But, she really knew that they just didn’t want to talk to her. She called Victoria and Samantha. They rushed over even though they were in science club meeting. They hugged her and made her feel better. Sophia realized that Samantha and Victoria are true friends.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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  1. Arlene Natkin says:

    Before you do anything you should think about what you are going to do

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