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By Ikey Dweck Social media is like a death trap. People think that people like them on Instagram or Facebook. This isn’t true. These people like the pictures and things you put on the internet. If your whole class has an iphone or ipad, don’t just get one to fit in because they won’t be your friends just because you have a certain object. If someone gets a lot of likes on one picture, you’ll start posting more and will very slowly be slipping away from real friendship. You will start making internet friends that you don’t want and you’re only doing this for popularity. Kids and adults that have these apps or Facebook won’t even realize they are not being really social. Be yourself and do what you want. Don’t do what other people want.


  1. wow, this is a great essay and it just goes to show you what can happen with facebook and other social media. This young man seems very bright and is very smart for putting his theories out there.

  2. wow, it just goes to show how one little thing can change your life. This young man is extremely bright for being able to put his theories into context.

  3. Raphael ammar says:

    Inspirational story and it does prove a point

  4. Marco habbouba says:

    that was awesome nice job

  5. allegra timsit says:

    wow what a great story. i learned that people might think that online they are “mr. cool” or something but it is much more than that, it is a dark screen that closes real friendships.

  6. Anonymous says:


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