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torah-contest on building courage

By Rochelle Menahem I was in science class and my teacher asked a question. I was so confident to answer it. My teacher called on me and I was so confident to answer it. I said it and got it wrong. I was so embarrassed. So, for a few days I didn’t raise my hand for anything. Then I realized that on my report card it’s going to say “Didn’t participate in class.” So, I started raising my hand. And even if I got something wrong, I didn’t stop. I ended up getting “Very Good Participation” on my report card.


  1. good

  2. sammy baum says:

    never stop trying

  3. Bette jane says:

    This is very important,not to ever give up!

  4. Shlomo Althkefati says:

    Very important lesson in life!

  5. julie Kabariti says:

    Never stop trying

  6. Danielle Dweck says:

    I learned you should always be confident even if you get something wrong because in the story she was confident and she got it wrong so she didn’t try again you should always try again

  7. Dina Serieh says:

    Don’t use people that share with you

  8. Judy Sitt says:

    i learned never to giver up.

  9. Never give up

  10. It was a very good lesson I learned courage. Thank you.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I learned a lesson. To have courage. Very good story.

  12. I also learns not to be afraid. Very good story.

  13. A very good lesson learned.

  14. Eric levy says:

    Rochelle you did awesome I hope you win

  15. Thanks for the story

  16. Thank you rochelle for this wonderful story I learned to never give up!!

  17. Good story

  18. That happened to me and I didn’t raise my hand anymore. The teacher told my mother I don’t work hard in class so I cried. When I told my mother why she said that everybody makes mistakes and that’s how learn. So now I raise my hand and everyone is proud of me even when I’m wrong. Thank you.

  19. Thank you because I get scared to answer. Now I know it is not only me.

  20. I think this can apply to so many things in like. Thank you for the important lesson rochelle.

  21. So true. We should always be strong

  22. Bob the builder says:

    It’s such a good lesson thank u so much for posting it!

  23. Wow this is very inspirational I will never give up

  24. Kinneret Kanik says:

    I learned from Rochelle that even if I didn’t succeed the first time, I should never give up!!!!!!

  25. Jacqueline menahem says:

    Wow this is very inspirational I leard that you should never give up

  26. Marion Bieber says:

    Rochelle this is sikk I love it

  27. I learned that you should never give up!

  28. Ellen Hakim says:

    Rochelle your story is amazinggg

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