Teen Stories to Build Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Lizzy Nasar  When I started playing hockey it was hard for me. I played with all my friends and I was the only one who didn’t score even once. I was very embarrassed. I went home that day very sad. But, I wasn’t going to give up. I was going to practice every day. But, I couldn’t score a shot. I wanted to give up. My friends invited me to play again. I tried extra hard. I scored more goals then everybody playing. Now, I know to never ever give up!


  1. Margo Kamin says:

    wow very interesting. learned a lot from this

  2. Noy Chalouh says:

    Interesting !!!

  3. Raphael ammar says:

    I learned from this like many people

  4. Marco habbouba says:

    wow i really learned something

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