Teen Stories to Build Resilience – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Cookie Cohen  Cindy wanted to lose weight. Cindy made a commitment to herself that she would lose weight. Cindy tried and tried. One day during lunch time there was her favorite lunch on the menu. Cindy told herself not to eat and she saw all of her friends eating her favorite lunch. She said to herself one little bite won’t kill anyone. But, she told herself, “No, you have to stick to your diet. You will feel good about yourself.” Cindy did just that and she lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Even though she wanted her favorite food, she stuck to her diet and she is glad that she did.


  1. Moshe Kabariti says:

    That is a really good strory.

  2. Jenna Ashkenazie says:

    I like that she stuck to her diet and she was HAPPY.

  3. Esther Shemia says:

    When someone makes a commitment to something they have to stick to that commitment that they made.

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