Teen Stories to Build Motivation – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Joe Ades  There was once a person who loved to run in races. His dream was always to be in the Olympics and to come in 1st place. He never ran a race but he told all of his friends that he is going to win, and that he is the best runner. The next day there was a race. He was ready and confident that he was going to win. He raced with all of the kids and he came in last place. He was heart broken and very embarrassed because he told everyone that he would win, but he didn’t. The next race he didn’t show off and he got new running shoes. He practiced for 3 weeks until the next race. Before the race he saw the best racer in the world lose. He got motivated from that because he thought to himself, “If that person can lose, than obviously I can too.” He raced in the next race and he won!

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