How to Overcome Fear – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Bobby Tawil   I have always been obsessed with Star Wars. Yoda has many wise things to day. As a wise, small green alien once said, “Fear is the path to the dark side.” This have been true in many cases and particular during my black belt test. I have been doing karate for almost five years and learned combat strategy. Still I have never fought in real life. When my test came up I was able to avoid and block almost every attack. I could have attacked every attack. I could have attacked back. But, I was so scared to hit even in a competitive atmosphere. In retrospective, I realized I could have won and there wouldn’t have been any hard feelings. After that boy received his black belt and I didn’t, I was upset and jealous. Because in everything else I performed great. I failed only because I was too scared to hit back in a competition. I have since learned my lesson and I am eager to retake the test. Fear can cause many unnecessary feelings of dismay and over complicating of a situation. Do not be afraid of anything or you will lose out on many opportunities.

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