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Jewish Values on Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Teddy Laniado I was playing a basketball game in camp and we were losing. The time was almost up. We were down by two. My friend stole the ball and hit a three pointer. Even though he wasn’t a very good player, we won the game at the end. I told him his stealing helped us win the game and that was important. It’s important to give recognition to people because the next time he will do even better and will be inspired to play more.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Judy Sitt says:

    i learned to believe in people so they believe in themselves

  2. Me and my cousin were playing a game then I won I felt bad I told her u are good don’t feel bad

  3. Give people chances dont say there not good because they can actually be very good

  4. You trust in the person they can mostly do anything

  5. Maya attar and Sara jenani says:

    Sara: I liked that story because she new that People were using her and she found a true friend

    Maya:what I really love about this story is that she knows what a true friend is and she found one

  6. David shammah says:

    I think its beautifull how you think of others and prais them when there doing good it very nice most people would be jelouse

  7. Ezra Bekar says:

    That if you have a not such good player on your team you should always still pass to him a lot because you never know why he is capable of

  8. appreciate when someone does something good make him feel good about it make him feel important

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