Motivational Short Story on Self Control – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Penina Nikforuz Let’s say you have a great Lashon Hara to tell your friends. It is so interesting that you can’t handle yourself. You think to yourself that if I tell this news, everyone will be my friend. You will be popular. So, you go on and you say your juicy Lashon Hara. You are so relieved that you said it. First, everyone thinks that it’s so interesting. But, then, they realize what a bad thing you did. They start backing up from you. Day by day, you start losing your friends. Now you realized what you did. You start to reject yourself. Oh, only if you controlled yourself, this would have never happened. Before this had happened to me, I was in a situation of embarrassment. Kids were making fun of me. In my mind I had a great Lashon Hara to tell the kids about the person who was embarrassing me. At first, I wanted to tell. But, then, I switched my mind. That’s how I controlled myself. It was the best thing that I did to get myself out of this situation. If I would have said Lashon Hara things would have become much worse for me. But I didn’t. The Yetzer Hara did not have control over me, I fought it back!


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    fantastic story!!!!!

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  3. This is a story in which everyone can learn from

  4. This is a very powerful story

  5. This is a beautiful story truly all about self control

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