Motivational Essay on Being Positive – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Esther Mehlman Frustration: When I don’t get the mark on a math test that I expected or wanted even if I studied the whole night. The truth is, a lot of things go wrong – all the time. But I think it’s important to move on. This is because if I was always thinking about that bad mark I would never be able to do anything successful and my self esteem would drop to zero. That can happen. But, take it as a lesson. Try appreciating all your other marks and that will make you feel better. Also, start realizing that not everything will always go exactly as planned. When things like that happen, look up to Hashem and understand that is what your Father wants and that is the best for you.

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  1. Michelle101 says:

    Wow!! Thank u so much now I will not care about the outcome of the marks so I don’t drop my self Esteam

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