Motivational Essay about Overcoming Challenges – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Florence D. In life, there will be many challenged thrown at us, but it is our job to overcome them. Last year a friend of mine hurt my feelings and did something unforgivable. This was a very hard obstacle for me to overcome. I am sure that most girls fight with their friends and then bounce back days later, but this was different. We didn’t speak for weeks and acted like strangers. We both acted like we never even knew each other. Finally, I decided I had enough. I confronted my friend and showed her my perspective. She understood why I was upset and apologized. I know this doesn’t seem like such a large obstacle, but at the time it was my only obstacle. My friend and I are now closer than ever. It is very important to bounce back, even if we fail or are faced with a challenge, we should try our hardest to succeed and overcome it.


  1. Dina Serieh says:

    You should learn how to always try do never be nervous

  2. Kelly Bernstein says:

    I learned from this story that that you should overcome your fears and believe in yourself because the more you believe the more confident you feel

  3. Sheila Elbaz says:

    Easy to read. Interesting

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great story

  5. David Assoulin says:

    I learned from this that nervousness is jusg imagination.

  6. Cool lesson

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