By Diana Hoffstein Facebook, Instagram and Twitter almost everyone has one. It changes your life and your friendships. You probably don’t even want a Facebook or Twitter but you get it so that, maybe, you could be just like the other people who seem “popular,” but really they are just like you. All you do is compare yourself to your other “friends.” Some might be real. Others are just people who followed you to gain followers. They don’t care about you or your personality. They just want to be more popular. You try to get a lot of friends and likes. Why? So you would feel better about yourself? It doesn’t make you feel better because what happens if these social media sites get “unpopular” or “overrated?”

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. this teaches a very important lesson: not to run after what everyone shows on their online accounts because then you will always feel underaccomplished and very materialistic.

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