Character Building Stories on Setting Goals – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Nancy M.   This year I plan to do very well on the SAT. I hope to receive an incredible grade so that I will get into a good college. In order to do this, I must work really hard and study every single day until I take the SAT. I know that this will be an extremely difficult task. And I know that I might skip a few days where there might be obstacles in my way of studying. The most important thing it that I bounce back from the days I don’t study and continue to accomplish my ultimate goal. As hard as I will try to study every single day, the most important thing is that I don’t give up and keep trying to succeed. I hope that this will help me do well on the test and eventually help me get into my dream college. I will use this technique of not giving up through all of my life’s goals and struggles.


  1. Sheila Elbaz says:

    Not so interesting. But easy to read

  2. Steven Hafif says:

    This changed my life.

  3. Orly Arkanzi says:

    I think that gettin good grades is very goo . Like last year I really didn’t do so good in school ,I said to my self it need to do better then as I was studin I knew it all and then it came to the test I knew some and I got a bad mark then I studied harder then finally 100

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