Moral Stories on Bouncing Back – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Natalie Blas There was a girl that wanted to learn how to be a hair stylist, but she couldn’t. She tried so hard but she would always make a mistake. She thought to herself, “Should I give up because I keep on failing?” Then she said, “If I give up, people will say, “She is a loser.” So she tried the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th time, then finally she got it.


  1. Shelly said says:

    I learned to never give up

  2. never give up no matter what

  3. julie kabariti says:

    never give up no matter what

  4. I will keep trying until I get it and I will ask and I will go to a class that I could learn how to do it

  5. nina alkhabbaz says:

    try hard

  6. sophia malakh says:

    I learned about to take care of people and to share with them like snake and drinks

  7. priel khallouf says:

    very nice story

  8. I learned never give up and always believe in yourself don’t listen what people say about you

  9. sarajenani says:

    I leaned to never give up every one makes mistakes

  10. Diana orgel says:

    I learned never to give up

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