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By Rachel Isayev  One time in chemistry class, the teacher asked a question. It was an advanced question that was very difficult to answer. Therefore, very few raised hands to answer the question and those who did got it wrong. I was pretty sure I knew that answer, but my fear took control and I was too nervous to raise my hand. As I was debating with myself whether I should raise my hand or not, someone else raised their hand. That student got the answer right and was rewarded with extra points on her average. The disappointing part was that I was going to say the exact same answer and, if I wasn’t so afraid to say it, then I would’ve gotten the points. Ever since this incident, I don’t shy away from answering questions. Occasionally, I get the bonus questions and I am the one who receives the points. Don’t let fear control actions because you can be much more successful if you conquer it.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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  1. Arlene Natkin says:

    I learned you should you shouldn’t be scared or nervous of anything

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