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By Eli Nahamias When we play football, all of the good players get the ball. All the kids that are not so good don’t get the ball a lot. All the kids that don’t get the ball always get upset, because they don’t get the ball. Except, sometimes we let all the kids get the ball. We let them do what they want. We compliment them about the way they play. When we give them all the credit, it makes them feel very good. There are some kids who are very good at sports. Who don’t care about other people’s feelings. They yell at kids for doing sometime wrong. I always tell them to stop. I think that everyone should be treated the same way. I want to make a change, so nobody puts anyone down. All the good players and the not so good players should compliment each other about everything that they do. Some kids get upset that they better kids do everything and they don’t want to play anymore. I really think that every single person should be treated the same way no matter how good they are at sports.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. you should make your friend as happy as you want to be happy

  2. its not fair to get bullied for not being good at sports its not rite

  3. eric zeitouni says:

    Wow ! what a magical essay !
    this is a beautifully written piece !

  4. Joane Ovadia says:

    Great story. We should all be a little more considerate of our peers.

  5. Daniella salem says:

    Wowowow. Love it Eli ! So so proud of u ,

  6. Beno Salem says:

    Nice story show that Eli has got value in life which am sure will make succeed in the futur

  7. Isaac Zeitouni says:

    I Think this Essay Teaches our Youth one of the most valuable Lessons in Life,. Equality. Excellent message delivered.
    – I.Z

  8. isaac nahamias says:

    very nice eli I must say this is a wonderful thought not just for kids playing ball, but also for us adults to treat everyone the same no matter where they come from or how they look. I will try to have this in mind as I come in to contact with people

  9. orlyarkalji says:

    That is so nice and I love this story this is so nice and that is a very nice man and so nice

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