By Judy Shalam  There was one girl, named Rebecca, who wasn’t as popular as Elaine. She had to work with Elaine and the other 2 girls on a project. Rebecca is, secretly, the best drawer you would ever see. She went to Elaine and said that she has an idea to draw on Tri board. Elaine told her, “No, I am going to draw it, but thanks.” Rebecca was so sad from what she was told so she hasn’t said a word to anyone in her group. Elaine was stuck on how to make a 3D bridge. One of the other girls suggested that Rebecca should try. So, she tried. Once she was done, all the girls loved it. At the science fair everyone was saying, “Wow, what a great drawing.” Elaine then realized that she didn’t have to be great at everything. She told Rebecca, publicly, “You were right. Your drawing is wonderful.” Rebecca was so happy because she never imagined a shy girl like her would be recognized for her ability to draw. Now she felt more confident to show her talent.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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