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By Rena Gross One time, I got a kidney infection for weeks. In those weeks, I missed my class play, I slept through my brother’s wedding. I was very upset that I slept through my brother’s wedding and that I missed my play but I got over it. It is very good to get over things. It’s always good to look at the positive. That’s how I moved on. It’s always good to live for the present. You don’t have to look at the future. You don’t’ know what will happen in the future.
It’s very good getting good grades, going on trips, but this is all temporary. Real happiness will be with you forever: family, friends, etc. Games and grades will keep you happy for about 5 minutes. After this you will move on to another thing. “The more you get the more you want.” Be happy with what you have, that is the true happiness!

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  1. Michelle101 says:

    Great job Rena don’t worry there will be more important stuff

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