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By Shira Hara When the play started I felt nervous. It was my turn to sing. Everybody laughed at me. I was so shy. The next day I didn’t want to go to school. My mom told me, “Go to school. Who cares what people say? If they laugh at you say, have you never made a mistake in your life?” When I went to school, noone was laughing. I was so happy.


  1. Shelly said says:

    That is so nice I love the story it teaches me so much

  2. I learned that every person makes mistakes and don’t let people’s words make you feel bad

  3. sophia hamadani says:

    to never in life get nervous

  4. avivit elart says:

    To never be shy if you have a play and people laugh at you because the people who laugh at you will get a sin and to always try your best

  5. eden yatcha says:

    don’t let peoples word make you feel bad

  6. julie kabariti says:

    I learn that if the first time it turns bad then the second one might turn good

  7. nina alkhabbaz says:

    don’t care what people think about you if they think bad its not true because you have a good heart

  8. I learned thank goodness that I breath perfectly and im healthy

  9. avivit elart says:

    what ever happens it is always for the best I learned from this story I should be an amazing girl and always should be happy

  10. maya zletah says:

    i learn that just bec she made mistake first doesnt mean you have to jugde her

  11. this story showed me that you shouldnt worry what people think about

  12. Wow Shira I can lern because I get inbarist alot so I will learn from you

  13. shelly said says:

    i love this story it shows a lesson that i never tease or make fun of someone

  14. I think its really cute shira

  15. Diana orgel says:

    This showed me that everything hashem does is for a reason

  16. In life that is very true bec you will always need to take a second chance!!!!!! You have to tell your self that you will never ever give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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