Jewish Values on Overcoming Obstacles – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Aliza Chornyk  “Uhh, this is so frustrating, I just can’t land a cartwheel properly,” thought Sara. “I’ve tried. Landed on my knees, hands, but I still can’t land on my feet.” So she gets up and falls about 50 times and starts feeling like she’s got a concussion from how many times her head hit the floor. After 5 minutes she sits down and finally gives up. At that exact moment two contradicting thought pop into her head. One says, “Why did you stop trying? You were almost there, you almost landed it.” Then, the second says, “No. It’s good that you gave up. You’ve tried and Charley horse. You were not even close to doing a cartwheel correctly.” The two thought were going back and forth for quiet a while. Sara finally decided to listen to one of them. She never learnt how to do a proper cartwheel in her life.

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  1. Margo Kamin says:

    wow very interesting. learned a lot from this

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