Jewish Values on Overcoming Challanges – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Lana Segel  I stood behind the big curtain. I felt my heart beating under my costume. I looked around me and was sure someone would hear it pumping. We all went to our starting positions and the curtains opened. The play went smoothly and it was time for the school yard scene. The curtains closed and we went backstage to change into out uniforms. I strode confidently over my stuff and began to change. I was all ready except for my uniform skirt. I looked around frantically getting more nervous by the second. Where was my uniform skirt?!?! It came time for going back on stage. I still wasn’t ready. I watched everyone happily walk on the stage while I was still searching for my skirt. I felt tears sting my eyes. I continued searching. Suddenly the colors of out uniform skirt caught my eye. I burst with excitement. When I got to it, sadly, I realized it wasn’t mine. My heart broke. Finally, I realized I would have to get back into stage in my black skirt. Later, I would have to figure out who had my skirt. As I walked back into the stage, I was determined that next year I wouldn’t fail. I would have a good smooth play without any mess-ups. When I got back to my position I had decided that however embarrassed I was, I wouldn’t let the skirt get in the way of a beautiful play. Anyone in the audience could have sworn I was the loudest of all.

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  1. Margo Kamin says:

    wow very interesting. learned a lot from this

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