Jewish Values on Honesty – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Shira Ponino  I come home thinking that everything was ok. My mother asked me, “What did you get on your math test?” I didn’t know what to say. If I lie, then it won’t be a problem. So, I lied and told her I got a good grade. If I keep on lying to my mom, she’ll think I am getting good grades and when she sees my report card she’ll know that I was lying. Because of that, she won’t trust me with anything ever again. All from one lie. I lost my mother’s trust. I told my mom I was getting bad grades and I needed help. It was like a Band-Aid ripped off and finally the truth came out. My mother respected me from telling her the truth.


  1. I love the story

  2. max shalom says:

    Never ever ever! Lie

  3. julie kabariti says:

    always say the troth

  4. shulamit yacobof says:

    don’t lie to anybody because it can led to a disaster and then it will be a big mess

  5. avivit elart says:

    To always say the truth and never lie and if you lie you will get bad grades how wants that So from now and on always say the truth

  6. Louiza Arazi says:

    True everyone shld have self control of them self

  7. never lie

  8. From this I learn dont lie even it its so hard to say the truth

  9. Diana orgel says:

    I learned from this that you ahve to trust yourself to stop something you dont want to do

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