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By Mark Barsano A sign of a good friend is a person who cares and motivates you. One time at the basketball game, there was one good player and one bad player. The good player said to the bad player, “Keep trying. I think you are a great player, even though people think you are not.” A different day, kids were picking on someone. Another boy joined in and started picking on him as well. The kid that was being picked on said, “Aren’t you my friend?” The other kid said, “No” and made him feel bad. That’s a sign of a bad friend.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine

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  1. sonya bakst says:

    you can seen in this story a boy thinks he isn’t good at basketball his good friend motivates him an makes him try harder. The next day kids are making fun of another kid he thought that the kids that are making fun of his were his friends but they were faking him to become popular if a friend motivates you they are true friends

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