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By Sharon Tawil A positive trait that a friend could have is keeping a secret. If your friend tells you a secret and said not to tell anybody, the next day don’t just think that since it’s a new day you could tell everybody. If your friend cares about it, don’t make her regret being your friend. If she tells you a secret, it means that she trusts you.


  1. Sally Tawil says:

    I like the way she explained that even though it’s “a new day” you still have to keep the secret. Sometimes we think we did enough by not telling the scret right away, but it has to be forever!

  2. i learned that when a person tells you a secret you have to keep that secret

  3. Madison Mark says:

    always keep a friends secret

  4. i was thinking about telling my brother a secret that my sister told me not to tell anyone but after i read this i decided not to. thank you

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