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By Sophia Rofe A good friend is someone who appreciates you. I made my friend a bracelet and she didn’t like it. But she told me ‘Thank you” and wore it anyway. A bad friend is someone who takes you for granted. One time, Lilly started a fight. She knew that Marcy would always make up anyway because Lilly was the only friend Marcy had. So, Lilly would always tell Marcy mean things and get away with it. That’s a bad friendship.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Always be a good friend don’t let your friends think that you are a bad friend

  2. Ethan Rofé says:

    great story sista! you have helped me learn to always say you are sorry first and not to wait for the other person. you are the best sister.

  3. Lori Rofé says:

    I am always proud of you, and you never stop amazing me with your beautiful thoughts! You should always have such wonderful friends around you, and always be true them all!

  4. Candy wynn says:

    Sophia.. I am proud of you… So true about friendship!

  5. Madison Mark says:

    you should always be nice to a friend

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