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By Paulina Cohen Adrianne was at school one day when her friend Grace was walking down the hall and slipped and droped all of the books all over the floor. Adrianne ran to Grace and asked if she was okay. Then, she helped pick up all of the books. The next day, Adrienne was walking in the baseball field when she stepped in a puddle. The mud splashed all over her. Grace and three other friends walked over and started to laugh at Adrianne. Adrianne realized that Grace was not her friend. Why is it important to have a friend? When you have a good friend, you will have someone who will always be by your side.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. I learned to be a good friend

  2. Great story!

  3. Madison Mark says:

    i learned that you should always be nice to a friend

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