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By Samantha Chabot True friendship is one of the most important things in your life and it’s being ruined by social media. Social media allows friendship to be a click of a button. Someone could have a million ‘friends’ on Facebook, but, out of those, how many are genuine friends? Almost every kid and adult has either a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. You might ask what is wrong, why is it bad? On someone’s birthday a person might get a text or tweet of “Happy Birthday” but what does it mean? You don’t put any effort in saying it. The person gets so happy that she got a million texts that say “Happy Birthday” but, in the real world, did any one of them make an effort to say it in person? Social media takes away reality and people along with it.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine


  1. Raphael ammar says:

    I agree just because they seem like a friend their not

  2. Marco habbouba says:

    nice job

  3. Leo Rahmey says:

    i learned from from your story that if your a friend on twitter or facebook it doesn’t mean you are a real friend

  4. Great paragraph! Really has an amazing message

  5. Great paragraph!

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