Jewish Stories to Build Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Leah Hatanian “Girls, listen up! We are going to make a play, ‘The Wizard of Us.’ I am going to split you up to practice with your group lines from the play. On Monday, will be the auditions. Good luck! So the groups are: Sarah, Miri and Chana in the 1st group.” The second Sarah heard her group she grabbed Miri and Chana and said, “I’m Dorothy! I am clearly made for the part.” “Woah-oh-oh, oh no!” Miri cried. “Sarah, the last time we had a play you were the one who got the main part by nagging the teacher. On the day of the play, you were so nervous that you stuttered through the whole beginning and then I had to take over.” Chana continued, ‘Yeah, Sarah, you should be the dog because your animal impersonations are excellent.” When Sarah heard those words, she ran out of the class and began to cry because she wanted to be in the spotlight. The day of the play: “Ruf, Ruf, Ruf,” Sarah barked dramatically. After Sarah stopped barking, she heard laughter from the audience. She realized that Hashem made you with ups and downs and sometimes you can’t be in the spotlight. But, if you work with what you’re good at and together as a team, you will succeed. And, in fact, the play was a success.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine



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