Jewish Stories to Build Teamwork – CLICK TO COMMENT

By Eddie Zeitoune If I was the coach, to make a basketball team, I would make everyone try everything to see who is good at what. I would tell them they are all good but I would make it fair, I would put someone who is good and not so good. It’s not nice to make anyone feel bad so I would pick even someone who is not so good at basketball. I don’t care if I would end up losing. I know I made someone feel good.


  1. perla berkovitz says:

    i learned that you shouldn’t care whether you win or lose it only matters that you had fun

  2. I learned to never give up there will always be a nice person

  3. I learned to let all the bad people play who cares if you win or not u made someone feel good

  4. I learned when I do something to include everyone not just the good people

  5. Paula said says:

    What I learned from this story is not to give up and find some thing you are good at and even if its hard you should try it and never to give up

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