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By Yakov Elias Michael was at Robert’s house. Michael used his laptop, enjoyed comfortable couches ate good food. In school, when they were making basketball teams, the other captain didn’t pick Robert and Michael did the same. They didn’t pick him because Robert wasn’t a good player. Robert went to sit on a bench and started crying. Michael saw him and just ignored him. That is a sign of a bad friend.

This story was published in the Bar Mitzvah Magazine



  1. Esther Shemia says:

    when Michael was at Robert’s house and enjoying himself because Robert cared about him, he didn’t care about Robert when he was hurt. the way you’re treated, or want to be treated by someone, you should treat them the same

  2. Never ignore a good friend and never hurt him on anyway of u see him upset u go to him and u ask wats wrong be good to every friend u have

  3. Beststoryever says:

    That was such a great story!!!!!!!!!!! now I learnt not to ignore anybody of they did good to me or not

  4. Anonymous says:

    That was a great story! Now I learned that I should never ignore anyone, especially not my friends

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