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By Jack H. Dweck  A sign of a good friend is a friend who helps you when you are not feeling good. My friend tried to cheer me up when I got a bad mark. Also, a good friend is someone who is not mad at me if I play badly. A sign of a bad friend is someone who uses you to play games, tells your secrets and mean.


  1. Arlene Natkin says:

    I learned from this story that if u want to know if someone is a real friend you’ll know from the way they act

  2. morris hasbani says:

    everyone should love eachother

  3. morris hasbani says:

    Everyone should chear up their friends

  4. morris hasbani says:

    All friends should treat each other nicely and stick up for each other if there is a bully.

  5. rochelle beyda says:

    you are i great friend!!

  6. lori dweck says:

    you are the best! love you! awesome job!!

  7. rose bestesh says:

    good job!!

  8. jack h dweck says:

    nice story!! nice message

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